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Progress reports, facts and figures

The progress reports of the Netherlands Brain Bank from 2005 - 2017  can be found below.

Progress Report 2005-2006 Progress Report 2007-2008 Progress Report 2009-2010 Progress Report 2011-2012 Progress Report 2013-2014 Progress Report 2015-2016 Progress Report 2017

From 2018 onwards, the progress information is depicted in an informative poster. Click on the picture below to view the poster in full size. 

Progress Report 2018


Facts and figures

The following charts display a selection of numbers about autopsies, donor registrations and dissemination of samples to researchers. The abbreviations used in the charts are explained at the bottom of this page.



  • AD: Alzheimer’s disease
  • Contr: control donors (no neurological or psychiatric diagnosis)
  • FTLD/tau: Frontotemporal lobar degeneration / Tauopathy
  • MS: Multiple sclerosis
  • Other dem: Other types of dementia
  • PANR: Pathological report not ready (= final diagnosis not yet determined)
  • PD/DLBD: Parkinson’s disease / Diffuse Lewy body dementia
  • PSP: Progressive supranuclear palsy
  • Psych: Psychiatric disorders
  • Rest group: Other diagnoses

NBB Progress