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Ethical declaration & Code of Conduct for brain banking

The NBB’s procedures are in accordance with all national laws and regulations and respect human rights ; the right to life, liberty and security of persons. The procedures have been approved by the ethics committee of the VU University Medical Center (Amsterdam, the Netherlands), where all autopsies take place.

The NBB adheres to the standards for quality, safety and ethics for obtaining and handling of human tissue, as described in BrainNet Europe's Code of Conduct for brain banking. Brain Net Europe II, also known as the BNE Consortium, was a ‘Network of Excellence’, consisting of nineteen European Brain Banks. The NBB participated in this consortium and was responsible for investigating and harmonizing the ethical principles and legal requirements for obtaining, processing and distributing human tissue for research purposes by Brain Banks.

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Informed Consent

By signing the Informed Consent form, donors give permission for post-mortem brain autopsy and for the use of their brain material and medical records for research purposes. The informed consent form of the NBB meets all current  for brain autopsy, tissue storage and use of tissue and clinical data for scientific research worldwide.

The authorization form can be used in cases where a person is either incapable or incompetent to make this decision. In such case, the next of kin or a legal representative may sign the form.

The documents below are English translations of the informed consent form and donor information brochure, only meant for researchers' information.