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NBB-Psy, the Netherlands Brain Bank for Psychiatry

Read more about the Netherlands Brain Bank for Psychiatry (NBB-Psy) on the following pages:

About NBB-Psy

A quick overview of NBB-Psy, our background and aim. Read more

Organization and funding

NBB-Psy is a collaboration between the NBB and five Dutch Medical Centres. Read more

NBB-Psy data and tissue

In addition to the standard clinical-neuropathological data and tissue, we hold additional clinical data, microglia and human induced pluripotent stem cells of NBB-Psy donors. Read more

Dissemination of NBB-Psy tissue

NBB-Psy tissue is disseminated according to the NBB. Read more

Research output

Researchers explain the importance of NHB-Psy for their research and an overview of publications resulting from research using NBB-Psy tissue. Read more

Numbers and figures

Numbers of registrations, autopsy and tissue dissemination. Read more

Future services

Current developments within NBB-Psy. Read more