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Between 2013 and 2018, more than 500 publications have resulted from research projects that have received NBB tissue. Below the lists of all these publications can be found, both combined and per year:

Complete publication list 2013 - 2021

2021 publications

2020 publications

2019 publications 

2018 publications

2017 publications

2016 publications

2015 publications

2014 publications

2013 publications

Corporate co-authorship of the NBB

In cases where the NBB’s contribution to a research project is more substantial than usual and includes e.g. intellectual input into study design or specific analyses of tissue or donor data, the NBB can request (corporate) co‐authorship for the Netherlands Brain Bank in case of a publication in which NBB material or data are used. Via the link below the guidelines for corporate co-athorship of the NBB can be found. In case of additional questions you can contact eNBB@nin.knaw.nl.

NBB Authorship guidelines

BrainNet Europe and Code of Conduct

The NBB participated in BrainNet Europe. This list describes the publications related to BrainNet Europe until 2010. In addition, BrainNet Europe's Code of Conduct for brain banking was published in 2015 (Journal of Neural Transmission).

Publications list