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The Netherlands Brain Bank

The Netherlands Brain Bank (NBB) is a non-profit organization that collects human brain tissue of donors with a variety of neurological and psychiatric disorders, but also of non-diseased donors. This brain tissue, together with an anonymized summary of a donor’s medical record, is sent to scientific researchers worldwide, with the ultimate aim of increasing our understanding of the human brain and to develop therapies for neurological and psychiatric diseases.

This website is aimed at researchers who are interested in obtaining brain tissue from the NBB. It provides information about how brain tissue is obtained from brain donors, what types of tissue are available, and how researchers can apply for tissue.

  NBB-Psy is the NBB's separate donor program for psychiatric diagnoses. More information is available on this page and on www.nbb-psy.nl (English) and on www.nhb-psy.nl (Dutch).



Vacancy for account manager

Vacancy for account manager

The NBB is looking for an account manager for communication with (potential) clients. Read more

Shipment on dry ice causes a temporary shift in pH

Shipment on dry ice causes a temporary shift in pH

To neutralize the effects of CO2 on pH, tissue recipients may need to allow frozen samples to 'normalize' after shipment. Read more

NBB signs MoU with Korea Brain Research Institute

NBB signs MoU with Korea Brain Research Institute

During the royal state visit, NBB director Dr. Huitinga has signed a Memorandum of Understanding to declare the intention of collaboration. Read more

Progress Report 2011-2012 available

Progress Report 2011-2012 available

The NBB's 2011-2012 Progress Report is now available. Read more

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Progress report Progress report

2011 - 2012

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