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Dissemination of NBB-Psy tissue

Apply for tissue

All researchers from academia and industry can get access to our online database e-NBB to view the current availability of tissue of psychiatric donors. It is possible to view some donor characteristics such as diagnosis, age, sex, CSF pH and postmortem delay. You can also contact us via email (eNBB@nin.knaw.nl) with requests for fresh tissue or tailored approaches. Those wishing to request NBB-Psy tissue should follow the instructions on the NBB application pages, which also include a price indication.

Selection of tissue together with NBB experts

Our expert staff collects, manages and characterises all tissue. They can also assist researchers in selecting tissue that will help to address the research question in the best way possible. Using the 5-yearly questionnaires and postmortem documentation, we can support the search for diagnoses, certain clinical symptoms, medication and the family history. The NBB is currently further standardising this information in the Netherlands Neurogenetics Database (NND) project, which will also help donor selection (see Future Services page).

Evaluation by the Tissue Advisory Board

The NBB's Tissue Advisory Board  reviews all applications. Whether and how much tissue is disseminated is determined by the availability of the requested tissue and the quality of the application. Overall, the aim of NBB-Psy is to disseminate as much tissue as possible to high quality research projects. However, psychiatric brain tissue is worldwide scarce. Therefore the NBB will provide researchers with a specific amount of tissue suitable to the project. This ensures that multiple research projects can include the same donors and brain regions. NBB-Psy also secures some frozen tissue samples in house, to allow future analysis of the collection as a whole.

Interested in applying for tissue from psychiatric donors?

  • Review the current availability of our NBB-Psy tissue in the online database:


Questions or requests for fresh tissue or tailored approaches?

  • Send an email to:


Ready to request tissue?

  • Follow the instructions on the:

 NBB application pages


Dissemination of NBB-Psy tissue