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NBB MS logo NBB-MS is one of the few MS brain tissue collections worldwide that has extensive clinical characterization of the MS brain donors and neuropathological characterization of the tissue. Tissue is dissected on post mortem MRI guidance to identify all alterations in the brain and spinal cord in MS. The mission of NBB-MS is to provide well characterized MS tissue open access to researchers worldwide to increase our knowledge on MS and to find an effective cure.

Since 1985, 200 MS brain donors came to autopsy and from these donors more than 3000 tissue blocks containing more than 7000 lesions have been systematically characterized. The analysis of the this substantial number of MS brain donors and over 7000 lesions shows a large heterogeneity in MS lesion activity between MS brain donors which is associated with clinical disease severity and sex.1

The presence of lesions and the activity is annotated on photographs of all MS tissue blocks. All pathological and clinical information has been added to an NBB-MS database, enabling a precise selection of MS of MS lesions to investigate the cellular and molecular alterations in MS brains. This NBB-MS D-base also allows the study pathological and clinical heterogeneity of MS. In the future we aim to further characterize the MS tissue to further optimize guidance of researchers for an even more precise donor and tissue selection for their MS research.


1 Luchetti, S., Fransen, N. L., van Eden, C. G., Ramaglia, V., Mason, M., & Huitinga, I. (2018). Progressive multiple sclerosis patients show substantial lesion activity that correlates with clinical disease severity and sex: a retrospective autopsy cohort analysis. Acta Neuropathologica135(4), 511–528. http://doi.org/10.1007/s00401-018-1818-y