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NBB-Psy cohorts

NBB-Psy collaborates with several Dutch hospitals, in order to approach the participants of clinical cohorts with the request to consider brain donation. The table shows which clinical cohorts are involved in the NBB-Psy project and who the clinical cohort coordinators are.



Clinical Cohort Coordinator



René Kahn, MD, PhD

  Bipolar disorder


Marco Boks, MD, PhD

Major depression


Brenda Penninx, PhD

Obsessive-compulsive disorder



Damiaan Denys, MD, PhD    

Odile van de Heuvel, MD, PhD

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Trauma TIPS cohort

AMC PTSD cohort

Police officers cohort


Miranda Olff, MD, PhD

Autism spectrum disorders (ASD)

UMC ADS Cohort

Wouter Staal, MD, PhD

hyperacivity disorder

Adult ADHD Cohort

Jan Buitelaar, MD, PhD


NBB-Psy cohorts