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Brain Net Europe

Brain Net Europe II, also known as BNE Consortium, is a ‘Network of Excellence’, consisting of nineteen European Brain Banks. The activities of BNE were funded by the European Commission in the 6th Framework Program “Life Science”. The project is now finished.

Brain Net Europe

The following objectives have been achieved:

  • Harmonization of neuropathological diagnostic criteria in Europe
  • Defining gold standards for quality, safety and ethics for obtaining and handling of human tissue. These standards were published in BrainNet Europe's Code of Conduct for brain banking (Journal of Neural Transmission, 2015).
    • The full text of the Code of Conduct can be downloaded here.
    • An overview of the international legislation and guidelines on bioethics used in preparation of the Code of Conduct can be downloaded here.
  • Sharing of knowledge and dissemination of information among neuroscientists and the general public

The Netherlands Brain Bank had three specific tasks within the BNE framework:

  • Investigating and harmonizing the ethical principles and legal requirements for obtaining, processing and distributing human tissue for research purposes by Brain Banks
  • Developing strategies for the establishment of effective donor programs
  • Participation in the improvement of the staining procedures and harmonization and optimization of neuropathological diagnoses.

More information about BNE can be found on http://www.brainnet-europe.org/. BNE has also published several scientific papers.

Brain Net Europe