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Every two years the NBB publishes a progress report. You can download the reports here.

Progress Report 2005-2006 

  Progress Report 2007-2008    Progress Report 2009-2010        

Progress Report 2011-2012  

  Progress Report 2013-2014    Progress Report 2015-2016


Between 2010 and 2014, more than 400 publications have resulted from research projects that have received NBB tissue.

Publication list 2013-2017

NBB Authorship guidelines

The NBB participated in BrainNet Europe. This list describes the publications related to BrainNet Europe until 2010. In addition, BrainNet Europe's Code of Conduct for brain banking was published in 2015 (Journal of Neural Transmission).

Impact factor

The impact factor of a scientific journal indicates how often its recently published articles have been cited, on average. The table below shows the numbers of publications (2004-2012) for which NBB-tissue was used, for different journal impact factors.


Impact factor      Publications       Publications by NIN research groups
Over 9      56      27 (48%)
7 - 9      52      12 (19%)
Under 7      362      128 (35%)
All journals      470      167 (36%)