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Our vision

Innovative research using human brain tissue and state-of-the-art sample processing technologies leads to breakthroughs in the discovery and validation of novel targets for therapeutic strategies to treat brain disorders.

Our mission

NBB-RS maximizes the research potential of post-mortem brain tissue through tailored services and products supporting drug target discovery, validation and preclinical research.

NBB-RS supports your preclinical research

Netherlands Brain Bank Research Services (NBB-RS) is a new initiative launched to perform research service projects for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.  We anticipate that investigating the human brain at the cellular and molecular level will become increasingly important for identification of human disease mechanisms. This is highly relevant for discovery and validation of novel therapeutic targets and biomarkers with high translational value and clinical success.  

NBB-RS integrates the strength of validated state-of-the-art sample processing techniques with well characterized high-quality post mortem brain samples and neuropathological data and expertise. As such we facilitate the use of donor brain tissue for excellent drug discovery and preclinical research projects. NBB-RS has a close-knit interaction with the Netherlands Brain Bank (NBB) and benefits from decades of experience in brain tissue collection, dissemination and research on human brain samples. Income generated through our services will support the financial stability of the Netherlands Brain Bank and long-term sustainability of the NBB prospective donor program.


Get in touch with our NBB-RS team (l.schmitz@nin.knaw.nl)