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Vision and Mission NBB-MS

Vision of NBB-MS

The pathology of multiple sclerosis (MS) is complex and heterogenic. Innovative research using well characterized high quality brain tissue of MS patients and control subjects will lead to scientific breakthroughs regarding the understanding of pathology and heterogeneity of MS, thereby improving prognoses and yield novel effective therapeutic strategies to halt MS.

Mission of NBB-MS

NBB-MS facilitates cutting edge human brain research into MS by providing the scientific community with the highest quality post mortem tissue of MS patients and matched controls in combination with extensive clinico-neuropathological documentation. In addition, NBB-MS facilitates analysis of the NBB-MS autopsy cohort by making clinical, pathological, genetic and molecular data available for analysis. The NBB-MS adheres to strict ethical guidelines such as informed consent, open access, and a non-profit policy as stated in Brain Net Europe’s Ethical Code of Conduct for brain banking.

Vision and Mission NBB-MS